Tips for making stained glass

  1. Take your time - Each phase of the stained glass process is important.
  2. Practice cutting and breaking on scrap glass first. Ask your local glazier what they do with their scraps. They will probably give you scraps for free.
  3.  Take your time and cut as precisely as you can - this saves a lot of time as well as wear on your grinder, not to mention less wasted glass - practice makes perfect.
  4. Take time to learn to use your grozier pliers – the more use them the better your finish will be.
  5. Put your safety and comfort first – glass is sharp, and you will be dealing with razor edges, small particles, and big shards. Wear sensible gear, and goggles.
  6. Keep a tight grip on the piece of glass you are working on – if you drop it, it is likely to shatter on the floor.
  7. Find an expert and learn from them – join a group, or find an online forum – when you get stuck, have someone you can ask for help from.
  8. Have fun and keep on going. Once you get started you can only get better. This is an enjoyable thing to do – if you find you are getting frustrated, then lower your sights a little. Your first effort will not be as good as your next, and you will learn from your experience.