Bespoke Glass

Glass is a material that is used for many purposes due to the many ways in which it can be altered in order to make it unique.

Depending on how the glass has been made and the properties that it obtains, it can be adapted more and continued to be worked.

glassThe sheet glass, rolled glass, pressed glass, hollow glassware, etc can be further worked and manufactured by cutting, drilling, milling, cementing, welding, bending, etching, grinding, engraving, polishing, enamelling, etc

Although glass has been developed greatly so that it can become a decorative feature in many properties, glass also has a practical usage. One of the many adaptations of glass is fibreglass which is used greatly within the construction industry.

We worked with limitless associated trades and we are happy to provide the supply of simple mild steel sections as we are to run a multi-material sub contract package including timber, polycarbonate, glass and stainless steel.