Famous Stained Glass 1

Grossmünster Cathedral, Switzerland

Grossmünster Cathedral in Zurich started life in 1220 as a  monastery church thought to have been founded by Charlemagne the Great.
Although appearing at first glance to be conventional stained-glass windows, albeit with a modern design, each component of the windows require a second look – seven of these beautiful panels are created with slices of agate.
In 2009, the Grossmünster has been enriched with twelve exquisite windows by Sigmar Polke. The geode slices were “enhanced” by artificial coloration before fitting, but the effect is stunning.The five other panels are made with glass but are designed in a uniquely modern manner.

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Holland

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in the city of Hilversum was conceived as a perfect cube, half of which is hidden beneath the ground, to house broadcasting archives, offices and a museum.
The exterior is a modern stained glass, envisaged by Neutelings Riedijk Architects (NRA)in partnership with artist Jaap Drupsteen.
Each piece of glass is embossed with a  famous image from Dutch Television, and gives the overall effect of a cast glass skin. Each image can only be seen (and therefore ‘discovered’) from a certain angle, and produces a compound and colourful effect. The internal architecture is in textural disparity, yet the stained glass casts a colourful glow where light filters through.